The Perse, Hills Road, Cambridge, 2012

The brief was for a piece of sculpture for the front of the school
The core concept behind my ideas was to have in some way a means to echo what the school represents, its core values and what it does or enables on a daily basis

This passing on of: knowledge, skills, the learning process, nurturing, development of personality or character traits, skills and approach for success and a happy, balanced and well rounded person was key to my approach

I wanted to give a sense that these ideas are contagious and infectious, in the air, growing and present in the fabric of the school. Emanating out onto the surrounding paving, garden, buildings and glass, little bytes of text, formulae, musical notes spread across the site, rippling out over a classroom wall, caught and frozen on a pane of glass (clear matt applied vinyl) or visible as they hit the paving, even to corrupting the code of the website, with random bits of text darting across the screen

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