Andrew Tanser: Carver, Designer, Sculptor

The Green man

Andrew Tanser BA ARBS - master carver, designer and sculptor

I will be re-designing my web site during October. Please come back and visit to see many more new projects.

My most successful work is a culmination of a number of ideas, observations and feelings expressed simply and directly. I tend to work within a set of aesthetic principles that are more instinctive than defined, hinting at origins from the natural world. I use clean, voluptuous, feminine forms with a good sense of structure and purpose.

These ideas have been refined and honed through 28 years of experience. I have a breadth and depth of experience which brings both skill and professionalism to my work.

I enjoy the variety and challenge that each project brings and find the demands, interaction and cross fertilisation of ideas creatively stimulating. I also really enjoy the interaction of workshops and community liaison to help and influence Public Art projects.