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principles / biog anchor checking - spacing

Improve image range / info for bottom level gallery IMAGE sliders  / images


shape is my thing,

Name all images in gallery folder


arts & crafts - Firth fireplace

Favicon image - AT logo


Numerous designs not shown ???


Optimise for Mobile phones
Optimise animation timings of text button / home page image fade ins

More text generally

Scrolling project gallery’s - more images for each project

Long term:
link all square icons to project folder of images (next winter time)

Add -

Carving Tools (within & relevant to project images)

Exhibitions page

work for sale page


text / Caps etc consistency


Work in progress / exhibitions / shows / for sale / open days / tools / books

Header image strip place underline on actual image not as a separate line as one pixel width black

Din Next Light 15 - 33 - 18

22 - 18 - spacing 128
Tahoma - font

Principles text block vertical spacing 234 pixels

Long nav buttons
delay = 0.1 seconds
duration = 0.5 seconds


SCULPTURE - y=204 font 21

area menu 10 / 960 y=244 font 19

PA y=242

line 5 pixels high y=275

Gallery 10 / 960 y=310
Spacing 20
Align left
text box padding 5
Icon text - 19 font
heading 50% black
next 75% black

Comments me
Linotype Didot 24

Bottom slider gallery header text
font 20 at 75% black

Bottom end Gallery
h= 720

menu on right - pin to screen offset
horiz = 0
vert = 200

Contact etc font 21
Biog / Principles text font etc = 18

4 colours for each section ?


Unique designs worked and fitted to the highest standards

Bespoke Contemporary and Period Fireplace  surrounds / Mantelpiece’s

Proportion, poise, elegance & quality

Design process

Step 1 - Rough ideas
Developed from initial discussions, design books and scrapbook of fireplace clippings

Step 2 - Outline sketches
Working with you to produce and refine outline sketches for approval

Step 3 - Working drawings
These can be enlarged to actual size for onsite approval

Step 4 - Fireplace produced
Produced in the high quality material of your choice to your exact requirements following the final specification.
Delivered and installed as required

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